There is something rather poetic receiving this package on Valentine’s Day, I think it is also a fitting time to share my thoughts and analysis on Abyss Creations and their work. To start I only have a pair of feet although if I could I would purchase an entire doll in a heartbeat, and I hope someday I’ll have the pleasure of owning and reviewing one. The staff are some of the friendliest and most helpful I have ever dealt with. Every one of my questions were answered promptly and professionally no matter how many I bombarded them with without actually purchasing something.

The pair of feet themselves are nothing short of a work of art as many pleased customers can attest to. The siliconee feels as close to real skin as you can get. Everything from the shape, weight, and paint is uncannily realistic and showcases the talent and dedication at Abyss Creations. The siliconee also maintains warmth extremely well and feels like real body heat. My only complaint would be the lack of any internal structure allowing them to twist and stretch and cannot hold a pose, although this complaint is exclusive only to their feet. However you simply cannot beat their price and quality, costing a third the price of a competing foot fetish toy with built in bones.

Overall I am extremely pleased with their first class business model and outstanding product. I find myself wanting more from Abyss Creations, and based on these feet I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any of their toys or even an entire doll. Thank you Abyss, and keep doing amazing work.