I have purchased three of the most beautiful forms of art I have ever seen. To just look at these dolls makes my heart melt. I truly love them from within. The presents and feeling they bring into my home is extraordinary. I have a very active social life and enjoy being around others very much. My time with my dolls is very special and when I display them around my home It’s a very private time. Each doll is so very beautiful in their own way. I never feel alone when my dolls are displayed… it’s as if someone is actually with me when they are in the room. I am very attached to these dolls in many ways that can not be explained. You must own one to know what I mean. To everyone at Abyss Creation I would like to thank you for such a wonderful job. There is no dough in my mind that you all are the BEST OF THE BEST at creating realdolls. I am very pleased and would never want to live another day without a realdoll. Thanks again for your kindness and dedication.