Hello Debra, Just wanted to let you know that I received my doll yesterday!!

I opened the crate with great anticipation and was not dissapointed. I received all my items except on the box for face 15 there is mention of an XL Scull cap in crate? What’s that? I did not find this!

Anyway, to continue the feedback: I do not classify these dolls as an adult sex toy but a work of art. The Abyss team members are real artists and masters of their craft. It is no wonder that your products are displayed in museums, and used for other types of displays.

I don’t see them as replacing real women but they do come close to looking and feeling like the real thing! The level of detail is exemplary, down to the toes!

One thing I under estimated was her weight. These dolls are heavy!! Within 24 hours though I was able to better ‘man handle’ her with learned techniques. I find that carrying her works best for me when I use the ‘threshold position’ (the position used for taking a new bride accross the threshold). I already feel stronger & my muscles growing. So there are added benefits to having a REALDoll!!

I would like to thank you again Debra for your professionalism and help during the purchase & production process as well as Amanda for her help during the purchase process. I also would like to extend my appreciation to the Abyss team. You guys are the best!!

Let me know about the XL Scull cap

P.S. scratch the skull cap enquiry. Amanda shipped it separately & I received it while writing this e-mail!!