I have been looking for a long time and finally found a way to satisfy my anal fetish, not gay, just have that thing.
Ordered this and right away was amazed and spent a full hour playing. The vibration makes me shutter with excitement.
I would say though the selector switch offers few options, no pulsing or changes in that nature but has a dial that speeds up or slows down according to how the dial it turned, The ONLY drawback I saw.
I struggled the first few minutes, guess I should have stretched out some. The shaft is pretty wide, and thick but really sturdy and under weight doesn’t just crumple or make it hard to insert.
I was super excited when I found out the shipping was here as fast as it arrived, and got rock hard when I took it out of the driver’s hands, pure and utter joy!
I plan on using this one for a long time to come! With some fast thumb rolling I could get the selector to make short vibrations and fast changes in the vibration, just enough to make my eyes roll in the back of my head.
Straight away the cock was a pleasure and my prostate was stimulated like never before, had me precumming hard.