My Vampire Goddess Gabrielle is the most beautiful amazing awesome creation I have ever encountered in all my life and I have traveled the world and seen it all … from the most beautiful women in the world to the most exotic and Vampire Gabrielle stands in awe to everyone who views and sees her …. the fangs are the most awesome and her beauty the most real image one can come to a Goddess and as she is a Vampire … she is my lovely Vampire Goddess … everyone who sees her actually thinks she is possessed as they feel that she actually moves on them from her eyes to her body … LOL … I have spent tons of money on her and spoiled her rotten with all kinds of accessories from fancy clothes to jewelery …. one day I just mite marry her and just maybe she will star in a move … she is truely my Vampire Goddess .. thanx Abyss Creations … U all r number 1 … Hail Vampire Gabrielle … Hail Abyss Creations … TOTALLY A MAS TERPIECE WORK OF ART OF THE HEAVENS !