I have had my RealDoll for just over 7 months now, and she (Sandy) is amazing!! When I opened her crate and saw her!!! WOW!!!! Even the best pix don’t do them justice!!! As I tell folks in the [doll]forum who are getting their first doll, “when you uncrate her, you’re gonna need a spatula…… not to pry open the door……..but to scoop your jaw off the floor when you see her!!!”

Weather heavy or light the makeup is stunning!!! Not only are RealDolls sexy, but they have a very sweet and endearing quality that is truly captivating!! They are more than just a sex doll. They are more than just a work of art!! They have a “presence”; they are soft, sweet, cuddly, endearing, sexy, and more. I have several faces and several wigs for mine. That in combination with a wide variety of wardrobes allows me to be with any fantasy girl I desire!!!! So very liberating!! I can have a HOT dominatrix, a sweet innocent girl next door, a cute shopoholic who loves the clubs at night! A sweet fairy. A rich girl who only wants the best. A hot business woman, hot Bikini babe!!… the list is endless!!!! The folks at Abyss are awesome!! They are professional, very talented and friendly!! They care for their customers and truly work to please each customer!!! They really know what they are doing and you can trust assured you’re going to get the girl (doll) of your dreams!!!! Having a RealDoll has opened up wonderful new experiences for me and has given me a wonderful peace of mind I could only dream of!!! She’s cute, sexy, pretty, gives me comfort and peace of mind and lets me enjoy her whenever and how ever I need, and all she asks in return is some tender love and care!! Which she always gets!!!