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We are proud to introduce the Classic format RealDoll. All Classic RealDolls come with a choice of a Jenny or Laila magnetic face.

How Classic RealDoll differs compared to Custom RealDolls:

  • No Duracast hands and feet
  • Reduced quantity of foam inner cores
  • Natural airbrushing and finishing
  • No customizations available
  • Offered options only for eyes and hairstyle

No changes or customizations are possible with these dolls, and as such we can offer a faster turnaround and a more affordable price.

Facts and Features


All faces are compatible with all body types. However, some faces and bodies will look better together than others due to differences in size. See below for suggestions, or ask us if you are in doubt!

Faces can be purchased separately for multiple combinations. Having one body and several faces to choose from is like having several different dolls in one.

Jaw assembly and connection of neck to body can be loosened or tightened as needed to suit user’s taste. Each skull in the Face X system has it’s own means of achieving this.

Eye Options
Eyes can be easily changed for additional looks.

Attractive Construction
The separation between the silicone of the face and the body is only apparent when looking up at the doll’s face from beneath it, when her head is extremely tilted back; In nearly all cases, you will not notice this.

Body Types

Facts and Features

Skin Tone
All Classic Realdoll’s pictured above are “Light Tan”.

Gel Implants
All Classic Realdoll feature Body B. This doll has been manufactured using proven streamlined methods, to produce affordable versions of some of our best selling configurations.

Body B

Height 5’ 1”
Weight 65-70 lbs (may vary +/- 5 lbs)
Measurements 33-23-32
Cup Size C
Dress Size SM or -6
Shoe Size 7

Hair Options

Facts and Features

About Our Hairstyles
RealDolls are provided with high quality synthetic wigs that can be removed for styling, cleaning, or full replacement with any commercial wig. When brushing a long wig it is best to use a metal brush or comb and start brushing small sections close to the hair tips. Brush out sections of hair about 3 inches from the ends until they are smooth and gradually work your way up the wig towards the “script”. This will avoid tangling the wigs. Synthetic fiber wigs are easier to maintain than human hair wigs.

Dressing Your Doll

Tips for Buying Clothing & Shoes

We know that clothing is jus as important as any other part of your doll. We want to make sure you can create the perfect look, so we’ve compiled a list of tips for dressing your doll.