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The next generation of the most realistic cock, featuring triple layering and Sil-Slide™ technology sliding outer skin as well as individual floating testicles. Each RealCock 2 is compatible with the very popular Vac-U-Lock system made famous by Doc Johnson. Ready to be used with any Vac-U-Lock Strap-on Harness or Sex Machine.

Length 6-1/2” | Circumference 4-3/4″ | Diameter 1-5/8”
*Product does not come with harness


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Each of our products are handmade to order, one-of-a-kind, piece of custom artwork, therefore, coloring and detailing will vary for each piece.

Shipping Estimate

Currently, our made to order RealCock 2 take an average of 4-8 weeks to ship. You will receive an order confirmation email that will contain an estimated ship date. Please understand that this date is an estimate for when your order will ship, and your item may in fact ship ahead of schedule or it may ship a week or two late.


How It’s Made
& Behind The Scenes

The World’s Most Realistic Dildo

Introducing the RealCock 2. The World’s Most Realistic Dildo, featuring triple layering and Sil-Slide technology sliding outer skin as well as individual floating testicles.


Quality Over Quantity

We only use the highest quality materials. We ensure every cock is created from platinum grade silicone, making it an easy and safe option for your body, where other companies can use TPE and other plastic that your body can reject.


Compatible with Other Products

You can use your RealCock 2 with any products that contain a vacuum lock plug design (compatible with the very popular Vac-U-Lock system) Sex Machines, and they’re also compatible with O-rings!


The World's Most Realistic Dildo

Real Reviews

The best sex toy I've ever owned.

Liam V. Verified Buyer

The $500 price tag is nothing when measured against the pleasure I see my wife get from it. We are delighted and we strongly recommend getting one.

David W. Verified Buyer

This is the most amazing piece of artwork we have ever seen, experienced and possessed. The cratsmanship and realism are awe-strikingly wonderful.

Mark N. Verified Buyer

been buying toys for over 20 year. By far most the most realistic sexy toy I've ever seen definitely worth every penny.

Shukri H. Verified Buyer

It's the best product with the best feel because it feels so real and soft and just amazing. It took our sex experience to a whole new level.

Raenisha H. Verified Buyer

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Hyper Realistic Triple-Layer Design

From Abyss Creations, creators of RealDoll, comes the RealCock 2 product line. An ever-growing line of hyper realistic dildos with the tried and true design made famous from the original RealCock 2. All products in the RealCock 2 product line offer the extremely popular triple-layer design, Sil-Slide Tech, Vac-U-Lock compatibility and realistic floating testicles while maintaining an unmatched realistic aesthetic.

Each RealCock 2 is compatible with the very popular Vac-U-Lock system made famous by Doc Johnson. Ready to be used with and Vac-U-Lock Strap-on Harness or Sex Machine. Allowing any user to be Cocked, Locked, and Ready to Rock in the bedroom!

Hand crafted from start to finish by only the most talented artists this industry has to offer. Sculpted, cast, and painted by artisans here in the USA!

Around the world the RealCock 2 product line is known for being the most realistic dildo on the market. They are the ONLY dildos featuring the triple layering design, Sil-Slide Tech, and individual floating testicles. Each one made out of 100% medical grade platinum cure siliconee, NOT cheap TPE!

Additional Information

Your RealCock 2 is designed for “normal” usage. Do not push the limits of your RC2 beyond the limits of what a REAL penis would take. We also recommend you don’t pierce or bite your RealCock 2, IT WILL TEAR!

Always use water-based lubricant. Oil based lubes can destroy the siliconee skin. It is better to have too much lubricant than too little, as dry rubbing can erode the layer of sealed paint. Clean with liquid antibacterial soap and hot water after each use. Rinse with hot/warm water, set aside to dry. You may pat dry… Do not rub.

*Disclaimer: Each of these products are handmade, one-of-a-kind, piece of custom artwork, therefore, coloring and detailing will vary for each piece. Part of their charm and unique character is that they are just like the real thing… Very personal and unique!

Custom RealCock 2?

Here at Abyss Creations LLC we offer the option to work with our exceptionally talented artists to create a custom RealCock 2 designed after your preferences and specifications to fit your desires. Custom RealCock 2 orders start at $10,000 USD.

Contact [email protected] if you are interested.

realcock  dtf photo
realcock   product box dirk

Size Information

RealCock 2 Sizes & Dimensions


Length 8-1/2”
Circumference 6″
Diameter 2”


Length 6-1/2”
Circumference 5-1/2″
Diameter 1-7/8”


Length 6-1/2”
Circumference 4-3/4″
Diameter 1-5/8”


Length 10”
Circumference 9.5″
Diameter 3.25”


Length 5.75”
Circumference 6.50″
Diameter 2.4”


Length 7-1/2”
Circumference 6.4″
Diameter 2-1/4”

all realcock  models



Question Does the RealCock 2 DTF come in other skin tones?
AnswerYes, absolutely! We can create the RC2 DTF in any skin tone or color for an additional $250. Just reach out via chat, or email, and we can setup your custom order.
Question What harness type or brand is this product compatible with?
AnswerAny Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock harness.
Question Does it come with the same features of the RealCock 2?
AnswerYes, The RealCock 2 DTF has the same enhanced Sil-Slide Tech and hyper realistic look and feel as the RealCock 2.
Question What is your return policy?
AnswerAlthough we’d like to fully satisfy all our customers, our firm policy is: ALL SALES ARE FINAL. However, we highly recommend that you explore the myriad of options for altering your RealDoll. You can change his or her clothing, swap his or her wig, apply certain kinds of cosmetics, and even change his or her face. All of our dolls are made with the Face X feature. Any doll body can be combined with any of our faces, provided you have the necessary skull. RealDoll Classic (Retired) faces adhere to the classic Face X skull with velcro. The RealDoll Faces attach to the Face X version 2 skull with magnets. The third skull version is for full head design faces, which includes the Wicked RealDoll faces as well as RealDoll J, L, M and N faces.

Question What sort of people buy RealCock 2 DTFs?
AnswerThere is no “type” of person who buys our products. Our customers include futurists, artists, art collectors, photographers, film-makers, scientists, health professionals, housewives, single men and women, couples seeking to enhance their sex lives, people looking for exotic decorative art, adult retailers who want the ultimate display mannequin, or anyone who desires to possess the world’s most realistic love doll. If you would like to see dolls owned by some of our clients, please visit our testimonials page. If you would like to submit a review, comment or pictures for the testimonials page, please contact us.

PS. Thank you for your service.