Dressing Your RealDoll

We know that clothing is just as important as any other part of your doll. We want to make sure you can create the perfect look, so we've compiled a list of tips for dressing your doll.


When purchasing clothing and shoes, always keep your receipts. Since there are no standard sizes in women’s clothing, you may purchase something in the size range we have provided and it won’t fit. Don’t be discouraged, just exchange it for the next size up or down.


When in doubt, it’s usually best to buy clothing that is a tad big rather than too small. Clothing that is too small will be difficult to put on your doll and can cause compression marks on the skin. Meanwhile, clothing that is a little too big will be easier to put on your doll, and can be pinned or tailored for the perfect fit.


If a clothing item is tight fitting or made of satin, silk, or similar fabric that doesn’t have much give to it, definitely get the next size up. On the other hand, stretchy fabrics like nylon and spandex are more forgiving if the size is on the small side.


Most of the dolls do not require bras underneath their clothing as silicone does not sag the way human skin does. However, if you have a doll with disproportionately large breasts (Body D, F, and Petite 4) we do recommend a bra because the breasts are so heavy that in time they may start to sag. A bra won’t stop this from happening, but it can help delay the process. A bra will help mask the erect nipples if you ever feel like dressing your doll in an outfit where you don’t want the nipples to show through.

The Importance of Nylons

When dressing your doll, always put nylons on first. These can be removed once the doll is fully dressed, but it will make the act of dressing much easier. Nylons also help shoes go on much more easily too. Silicone can be quite sticky, unlike human skin, so putting shoes on the dolls takes some effort. Invest in several sets of thigh high stockings; you will find them an invaluable addition to your doll’s wardrobe.


Depending on the proportions of your doll, it may be difficult or impossible to find a dress that will accurately fit both the breasts and hips. Body D, Body F, and Petite 4 have disproportionately large breasts. In this case, it’s best to buy separate tops and bottoms in the correct sizes. Alternatively, you can buy a dress that is large enough to fit the breasts, and then tailor the bottom of the dress to fit the waist and hips.


Most RealDolls can wear a slightly smaller shoe for sandals and open-toe styles, and a slightly larger size for boots and closed-toe styles.

Wicked Dolls

The recommended clothing and shoes sizes for our Wicked RealDolls may not match exactly what the actual star wears in real life, but instead what will best fit the doll.