RD-4713 landed safely at London Heathrow last Monday afternoon, I was informed on Wednesday, but due to commitments I could not collect until this morning. The crate was cleared through customs without me having to attend, all they wanted from me was the duty and “Good old British tax”. I kid you not Amanda, it was just over a 1000US$! You know you did the right thing having the “Boston Tea Party” 230 years ago, I wish they would have one here. I’d like to take this opportunity to say how helpful and professional the shipper/handlers that you use were, (Their office at Heathrow is full of industry awards that they have been presented with in recent years). I used them to deliver the crate to my address this afternoon. The crate was not damaged in any way, nor the contents, and that is a tribute to the strong, robust form of crating you use. It was only three hours ago I opened the crate, and it’s only because I know I sent an order to you requesting a life size doll, that stops me from going into my lounge and talking to the “person” who is sat in the chair! Seeing her “In the flesh” her fantasy figure is very believable, and facially she looks more “real” than real people (How did that happen?). From every angle she looks convincingly life-like.I am 100% satisfied with the order and am amazed you were able to create something so realistic, just from the choices I made on the order form. Finally, I’d like to thank everybody at Abyss Creations, who was involved in making RD-4713, the work of art she really is. Special thanks to you Amanda for answering my queries so promptly and to Debra for keeping me informed. I hope the feedback contained in this letter is of use as you continue to progress.

S.S.- England