Well after 2 months of honeymooning in the Caribbean I still can’t believe I’m married again. Normally I don’t spend $7,500 to have sex BUT if I do I make damn sure she looks just like Connie Marie. I tell friends I married a doll and they assume my wife is a beautiful woman. When my buddies come over for beer I tease them by leaving the bedroom door half open. When they ask to go to the bathroom they have to go past our bedroom. Connie Marie is lying in bed and the bastards always peek to see her sleeping with an eye mask I put on her so she doesn’t stare at the ceiling and exposing just a bit of her gorgeous body. They always ask when they will meet the “OLD LADY”. I haven’t had the strength to tell them the truth yet but I am loving every minute of the prank. You have truly sent me a masterpiece and for that I can never thank you enough.