Can you deliver to South America or the Far East?

    We can and have delivered to most countries in the world but some countries have greater import restrictions than others. We have had difficulty shipping to Brazil, Mexico and other countries in South America where dolls have sometimes been confiscated in customs. We have no control over this and are not responsible for items confiscated. Please make sure your country allows product of this sort to be imported.

    Egypt and other African countries also have restrictions on adult novelty products but we have delivered there with better success. China and Japan have strict import restrictions on products that are anatomically correct. We are able to ship to these countries but the dolls are sent with a siliconee patch covering the vagina. This patch is glued on and will need to be removed upon delivery in order for the doll to be functional. We attach the patches in such a way that they will damage the vagina as little as possible upon removal.

    For more information on our policies and placing an order, please visit the Ordering Instructions page.

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