RealCock 2

The next generation of the most realistic cock, featuring triple layering and Sil-Slide™ technology sliding outer skin as well as individual floating testicles.

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Due to the overwhelming demand and hand made nature of this item, there is production timeline for this product (visible at checkout). No “Express Orders” or skin tone requests can currently be honored.

The next generation of the most realistic cock, featuring triple layering and Sil-Slide™ technology sliding outer skin as well as individual floating testicles. Made of 100% medical grade platinum silicone, not cheap TPE!

The widest part of the RealCock2 is the base, at 6.5″ circumference. The head is 6.25″ circumference. The usable length is 8″, and measuring from base to tip is 9″.

*Disclaimer: Each of these products are a handmade, one-of-a-kind, piece of custom artwork, therefor, coloring and detailing will vary for each piece. Part of their charm and unique character is that they are just like the real thing…very personal and unique!

Size Information

Facts and Features

RealCock 2

Length 8-1/2”
Circumference 6″
Diameter 2”

RealCock 2 DTF

Length 6-1/2”
Circumference 5-1/2″
Diameter 1-7/8”

5 reviews for RealCock 2

  1. Rated 1 out of 5

    I want to buy but they don’t offer skin tones which doesn’t make sense because regardless the product needs to be painted so I don’t see why they can only paint one skin tone instead of paint any skin tone because at the end of the day it will get painted so how would painting it a different skin tone other than the only one that’s available make a difference in the process time.. it just doesn’t make sense at all

    • John Doe- The base skin tone is not painted. It’s formulated in the silicone itself. The many layers of painting that are painted on are what give it it’s realism. Any company can just pour different colored dildos, but it’s our paint jobs that we add after the fact that bring it to life. And it takes many trials and errors to nail down those different color variants. This is why we offer custom skin tones but it’s and up charge. Plus, if we offer more options it will raise the price of the products. The more options (even one) the more complicated the production of any item gets.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    best cock ive ever taken

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I love my Real Cock 2! So much in fact I’m having a DTF made as well. While I do hope for easier and wider customization options one day, I’m reviewing the piece as is. The detail and realism are stunning in person and more than enough to get turned on just by looking at it. The coloring, veins, heft, balls, and pubic mound are unmatched. There is no more realistic dildo on the market. There are so many potential uses for the RC2 from of course having amazing sex with it to cucking without need for a second partner and so much more. I am a VERY small woman with a very tight pussy and I was worried that while I can handle a human this size it would be more difficult with a toy. But the soft, sliding skin and perfect amount of firm-but-not-too-firm hardness made penetration much easier than it is with most insertible sex toys. I warm up first with foreplay like sucking on the RC2 (it is great for giving head to) and teasing myself with it then move to fingers and a vibrator before finishing with the RC2 so I’m fully ready. If I’m fully aroused there are no issues of it uncomfortably hitting the pubic bone. Instead it slides in realistically and is wonderfully filling. I also love the unique slight curve which adds realism and easy g-spot stimulation. The balls offer great clitoral stimulation as well. The head is prominent, which I like, but squishy enough to easily get inside you.

    My only drawbacks are that I wish it came with a dust bag for the price and things that will be addressed with the DTF when I get mine (like having the Vac-u-lock for suction cupping to flat surfaces for increased position options). If the RC2 had the same suction cup capability it would be totally perfect. But I’m excited and happy to have both and and will certainly use both once my DTF arrives. Highly recommended.

    • alrdygrownup- Thanks for all the love! And we are working on making the RC2 compatible with vacu-lock as well!

  4. Rated 1 out of 5

    There are some of us who are willing to pay the extra fees for the custom paint. There’s a lot of us who can’t purchase this because it is to light of a skin tone, I think that you should have atleast 3 main skin tones available because people like me who have a little darker skin tone do not want to spend $500 on a skin tone that doesn’t come close to matching. You have a really nice looking product and a lot of us in the community want to purchase this one instead of one from another company but the skin tone is the issue. Some of us will pay extra for a skin tone that’s a bit darker than this but you only give that option with the DTF one instead of this one. I would honestly purchase this immediately if I had that option

  5. Rated 2 out of 5

    All we want is atleast 3 skin tones or 2 minimum. Just atleast one that is like 2 skin tones darker than the one that you have available and that would be perfect for us that are a darker skin tone trust me

    • John Doe- Email to discuss this further. Thank you!

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