What is Sensex?

The SenseX insert is an electronic insert designed to pair via Bluetooth to our xMode App. The insert can detect touch and movement, and the xMode app will transmit audio feedback to any paired audio source. The app will simulate the gradual transition from mild arousal to orgasm, and has multiple voices to choose from. This system is also designed to run our RealdollX robotic heads as well, but you do not need the robot to enjoy this technology. You can use the SenseX insert with any Realdoll equipped with our removable inserts. Upgrade your RealDoll today!


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The Software
When you purchase a Realdollx, you’ll receive a 1-year subscription to the app.
The Perfect Companion!

Harmony’s AI software is made with technology that has been in development for the past 10 years. We will continue to deliver innovative and amazing updates to our customers.

The AI is designed to identify with its users’ interests and preferences. It’s a highly customizable piece of software on multiple levels. You can choose from thousands of possible combinations of looks, clothes, personalities, and voices to make your perfect companion.

Software Specifics

The AI is versatile and designed to hold long-term, persistent conversations with users. She learns over time. She is a true and loyal companion, always there to listen to you!

The software is now available in its Standard Version for Android only. We are currently working toward releasing other versions for all major platforms.

Multiple Avatars

You can save and switch between different avatars. Each one is a completely different person, meaning they don’t share what they have learned between them!


Harmony is entirely customizable. You can change her hair, face and body, decide if she will be skinny, heavy or athletic. Select one of the main features and make the adjustments you like.


Select between a wide range of different clothes for your avatar to wear. From everyday clothes to elegant ones for special occasions.


Choose the most suitable voice for your unique Harmony avatar. You can choose between the native voice on your platform or use one the voices Realbotix offers, including different accents and voice expressions.


Customize your avatar by giving her different personalities traits. You can choose 10 different characteristics that will affect the way she behaves. Choose wisely!


The full version of the app was designed so that the more you interact with her, the more friendly she becomes. Treat her well and unlock special features!

Virtual Reality

This feature is being developed to allow you to have complete immersion when interacting with the avatars you make. The VR will be available for Windows and MacOS platforms.

Augmented Reality

This feature was developed as an alternative to VR. Let your avatars interact with your environment through the screen of your phone.

The Details

The eyes are synchronized with the application and look around and blink for a lifelike presence. Built-in cameras are in development.


Her gorgeous looking mouth has lip-sync mechanisms installed to assure her lips move according to the corresponding phonemes when she speaks, and allows for multiple expressions.


Utilizing a mechanical articulated neck, Harmony’s head can turn left, right, up, and down. The neck comes with a modular adaptor enabling it to be attached to many different bodies.


Harmony’s body is skillfully crafted down to the finest details. Although it is not equipped with animatronic parts yet, it can be positioned and moved into hundreds of positions.


The modular face system was designed to enable users to attach different faces to the same skull base, allowing for multiple characters on one platform.


Most of the parts can be easily replaced and you like won’t need to exchange the whole head in the unlikely event of damage. We will also be offering service and support plans.


Harmony’s body can be equipped with sensors in different areas to allow her to feel your touch, as well as internal heating and self lubrication that responds to the AI software.

– Still Being Developed –
AI App

The Harmony AI app is the brain that runs the robotic head. You will need to download the app and synchronize it with the head via Bluetooth, and your robot will “come to life.”